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Generate Affiliate Commissions On A
Cost-Per-Lead Basis

CPL One’s all-in-one platform gives marketers everything they need to generate commissions from lead generation activity across a range of industry verticals.

CPL One delivers affiliate marketing solutions with a difference!

The company has partnered with leading advertisers who are willing to pay significant sums for each lead they receive.

  • Fast registration
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Guaranteed pay-outs on every lead generated

The Leader in Cost-Per-Lead

CPL One is a cost-per-lead specialist, enabling its members to earn from lead generation. Join today and start benefiting from our offerings.
Extensive publisher network

The CPL campaigns that you can run on our platform are widely disseminated across the web through our publisher partners.

Easy payouts

Whether you are a pro marketers or just starting out, getting paid for the results you deliver for CPL One’s advertising partners is simple and efficient.

How it Works

CPL One is committed to delivering a great user experience to its members.
Browse The Advertisers
Explore a range of advertisers and decide what industry you are interested in generating leads for.
Target and Initiate
Define the exact parameters of your campaign - including the campaign creative and targeting. Then set your budget and initiate.
Measure and Collect
Use the CPL One platform to track your campaign’s performance. Make changes to improve your performance. Then receive a payout for every qualified lead that you generate.

Our Commitment

CPL One was designed from the ground up to give marketers the tools needed for running effective cost-per-lead campaigns. On our unique platform, marketers can run campaigns (paying only for impressions) while generating commissions on a cost-per-lead basis.

  • Extensive support
  • Various advertising and publisher partners
  • Powerful technology platform

4 Reasons to Choose

Results Oriented
We work around the clock to ensure that all members are given the tools and the support they need to get on track.
Focus on Education
Beyond providing technical and business solutions, we provide all members with educational materials that help accelerate learning.
Great Relationships
Through our advertiser and publisher relationships, we deliver the marketing infrastructure our members need to thrive.
Technical Strength
We simplify the complex world of cost-per-lead advertising and integrate it into a simple, easy-to-use software interface.

Discover your unique advantage as a
CPL marketer!

Working with CPL One, marketers gain access to the tools, relationships and materials needed to excel in the affiliate marketing business.

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Frequently asked Questions

Learn more about CPL One.

CPL is short-hand for ‘cost per lead’. A CPL advertiser is an advertiser that is willing to pay marketers for every qualified lead that they receive. This is in contrast to CPM (cost per mille) advertising, where advertisers pay per thousand impressions.

CPL One is an integrated platform that enables affiliate marketers to run CPL campaigns through a unified software interface. With CPL One, marketers – from beginners to veterans – can choose what kind of products/services they want to promote, can choose advanced targeting options, and can run and monitor their campaigns, all through one platform. CPL One handles all of the complexity behind the scenes so marketers can focus on launching and optimising campaigns.

CPL one enables marketers to get paid for every qualified lead that their campaigns generate. After launching a campaign in the CPL One platform, every lead that you generate will result in your receiving a commission that you can then withdraw or use for further marketing activity. Results are not guaranteed – performance will depend on how effective you are at running campaigns that generate leads profitably.

CPL One has partnered with various advertising networks across a range of industry verticals. Everything from health and fitness to electronics and education is available to promote within the CPL One platform. More advertiser categories are being added frequently.

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